one of those good days

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  1. Nice pics and cool tattoo!!! I think I'm gonna have 500 Euros left over after buying another car... Swedish one actually: a Volvo :-) so I can realise the tattoo ideas of the last couple months :-) YAYYY

  2. I'm planning to get a total of four tattoos, two on each arm.
    On my right arm a violin clef and below it a line from "Dancing In The Dark", on my left arm the CMYK color model and below that a tattoo of a maple leaf (looking like a water colour painting) that a friend designed for me.
    The clef and CMYK stand for the theory of music and painting, respectively.

    Volvos are awesome. My 2003 Vauxhall is too small to go on trips with many people and my mum's going to sell her large BMW and she's not gonna let me have her Z4 all summer long either. It's only got two seats anyway but she uses that car to attract younger men lol