två minuter över tolv

han ligger fortfarande och sover
det luktar kaffe och baksmälla i rummet.
idag fyller han år,
världens bästa pojkvän.
jag hoppas inte mitt hjärtas hjärtslag väcker honom nu

ciao ciao amore mio

I've started at this italian restaurant called as the title above.
I'm the youngest and the least italian on that place and I love it.
Makes me want to learn italian and eat gelato for breakfast.

fridays bbq partII

yeah baby yeah

I've been back for a few weeks
the heat at first was awful, the shades was your only salvation from melting away.
Now, at night you can feel a little cold breeze coming.
It feels like everything is turning at the right moment.
Life and weather.

And right now, I have the biggest jeans fever ever.