my warrior woman

my sister woke me up this morning with the Singing in the rain song, good mornin'.
I don't know where all the energy comes from. is it all the bee sticks she has been taking
these last couple of months or is it because she sleeps better than I do?

I can never get mad at her. and if I do, then I apologize after five minutes cause
I can't stand her not talking to me.
she's really peeky and I'm a mess.
when we were younger, we weren't that close. I had my pets and she had her books.
but she was there when I needed her the most
and she has been ever since.
she's going to norway soon to be with her better half but she should know
that no one is ever gonna love you more than I do.

my newest favourite tv couple

yesterday I was surrounded by leather jackets and growls.
I'm not usually up for that kind of tunes but yesterday
it suited perfectly because my heart has been growling
and it felt good to let it out.

I was born with a red birthmark on my chest, my mother used to call it a strawberry.

I collect postcards. I have a thing for hats, scars and scarves. Beard and curly hair.
Flanell shirts and knitwear. Needles and ink.
When I'm angry I listen to angry music, when I'm hungry I tell myself that it's an illusion.
When I'm feeling down I listen to depressed music, I smoke, I paint, I write, I sleep.
I have a thing for floors, tables, windows and barefeet summers.
Beer and loud music.
I can't sleep with pillows, even if I want to.
I prefer 90 beds, or else it would feel too empty.
Coffee in the morning, tea in the evening.
Eyecontact with total strangers at festivals.
To share 3L of wine or more with your beloved ones, any day.
I get really good selfconfidence in rainboots.
Freckles might be the cutest thing I know.
Almond trees in spring.
Candles and Norah Jones in autumn.
The smell of wet streets.
Black'n'white movies. Movies.

These things are a few things I know about myself. Sometimes I forget who I am,
so I thought that if I write it down, I might rememeber to remind myself.
the heart may be the weakest part of me.

one of those good days