happy birthday, baby

how I wish I could've been there
to be the first one to hold you
and to whisper in your ear,
happy birthday.
to give you a kiss or a million
to give you the gifts I got you.

how I wish I would've been the first one to wake up,
to make you breakfast
and to spoil you the whole day
cause' that is the Rönnbäck tradition.
I love you,
I hope your having the best day anyhow.

it's gonna be you and me and no one else

one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

speaking of beats and roses, one of my sweetest is coming back for a unknown time. it also warms me up like a blanket.

there's a thunder in our hearts, baby

woke up by the thunder and the sweet rain outside my window.
the last couple of days i've closed my window everytime before I go to bed
cause the frikkin mosquitos will eat me up otherwise.
but my mother, she opens up the window when she get's up with the sun
she strikes me by the cheek, like she's always done.
when there's this kind of weather, i light up candles, listen to those
kind of tunes that warms you up like a blanket and
i think about the things that keep me going.
i have the best friends in the whole wide world
i have the best man in the whole wide world
i have the best family in the whole wide world

even though most of them are in other countries,
miles away
i always have them near.

they're my beats,
my roses,
my heart.

six months ago...

.. we met up eight:ish,
it was one of our first dates.
first off we went to kentucky,
had a few beers, had conversations and shared
secrets and laughs.
and all of the sudden, we kissed for the first time that night
coldplays Fix you was playing.

and ever since,
the me and you
the you and I
became an Us.

I love us.
jag hade på mig tunna strumpbyxor och knästrumpor över det
och mina kängor som snart har sett sina sista dagar.
min vinröda stickade tröja, som höll vinden borta.
jag satt bakom min man på cykeln
och han cyklade hem oss till arnhems upper east side
där vi myste oss ner i soffan tills alla stjärnor kom fram-

I lost my heart in arnhem

my mother and I have these "mother and daughter days". last week we went to benidorm, shared a bottle of wine, listened to some irish tunes and shared a hell lot of love.

in arnhem

yesterday morning I was on my way to the airport in alicante.
a few hours later I arrived to weeze
and a half hour after that a bus took me to arnhem,
where D was waiting for me on his bike.
my heart was pounding so hard and so fast.

I'm the happiest girl in the world right now.