Sara, sugar mama.

I met Sara a few years ago, funny story our first conversation.
She was so tiny, so blonde and her eyes so blue.
I started to see her like a little sister.
Last night she became a mother to a baby boy.
Welcome to the world, Noah.


in an hour the sun will be greeting the sky
I'm listening to those kind of tunes that takes your breath away
which reminds me of when you and I traded breaths

our hearts were making a rhythm, beatings so loud
that I couldn't think or feel
anything else


I got cravings

I haven't smoked in three days
I haven't told my mum that I love her in an hour and a few minutes
I haven't held my man in 3 weeks and about 6 hours
I haven't been on a festival for almost two years
I haven't felt any needles or ink for... two months

I'm gonna do it all soon,


vi var på g till staden på g

my email has been messing with me and my blog these last couple of days
but my so not mastermind just fixed it, today
at 6.40am.

I have my moments.

I'm standing here waiting for you to come, in the sky some kind of strange, sky phenomenon.

Now I'm sitting here with a glass of white, with my friend
lucky strike 
listening to the sweetest tunes.
Just a minute ago I saw the sun going down the building
there are barely no clouds in the sky. 
It's windy, but I rather like it. 
It's the west coast
the best coast, 
my hometown.

I'm somewhere, you're somewhere. I'm nowhere, you're nowhere.

today is monday, yesterday was sunday. the day before sunday is saturday. so yeah, yesterday. sunday.

Lay with me,
I'll lay with you
we'll do the things that lovers do.
Put the stars in our eyes and 

with heart shaped bruises
and late night kisses,