it's a another end of an era.

2011 is soon another chapter in our life.
thinking back, it might most probably have been
one of the best years for me.
it started off with my 20th birthday, which I celebrated
two days in a row.
my sister was still around and we drank coffee pretty much
everyday at la plaza.
and not long after that, new feelings invaded
my body, my belly, my everything.
I fell in love,
and now almost a year later I still have these butterflies flying around.
Spring came and I woke up almost every morning with beardy kisses.
One of my closest friends got knocked up and has now a beautiful baby girl.
I also went back to the best coast, to see my sweeties graduate and to spend
days and nights wandering around the streets barefeet.
I went back to Spain, cause I realized that home is wherever your heart is.
got another temporarely job as a waitress, saved up money
spent some money, saved some money and spent some.
Went to Holand, and I loved it.
Went to Oslo, and I loved it.
Went to Sweden, and I loved it.
Went back to Spain, and I loved it.

and here I am now, barely three days away from the new year
and I have no idea what's coming.

Merry Christmas!

may all your dreams come true. 

new fav

jag är hel igen

det var att komma fram till london bar och inte se
ett ansikte man kände igen, bara baren.
jag går fram till baren och väntar på min tur
och sen, bara sådär
omfamnar han mig
och allt annat försvann.

small saturday

two days, three days

on friday my mother and I will be goin back to Spain.
this last month I've had the time of my life.
first, from spain to holland with my love.
walks in the parks, cozy mornings and evenings on the sofa.
late mornings with alot of coffee, late evenings with alot of tea.
beer and bubblewine.
then, the spontanity took me to oslo, to my sister.
lattes, lattes, lattes.
wine, stores and trains.
astrid lindgren.
then, a bus took me to lysekil, my hometown.
heartbeats. my grandmother. my mother.
hurricanes and beers.
lattes, lattes, lattes.
dance, dance, dance.

so like I said, the time of my life
and on saturday I will feel complete again.

boy, do I love Gothenburg

got back from gothenburg today
after being there since thursday. 
I met my beautiful friend Eleonor.
we drank soya lattes, we drank wine
we walked around the streets
met friendly faces
danced to bad electro/dubstep music
drank some more.
watched breakfast at tiffanys,
smoked cigarettes
windy days, windy nights
rain, snow