I went with my man to the airport yesterday.
We hugged, we kissed, we waved goodbye.
It's not really a goodbye, it's a see you soon. 
But still, the not knowing when that will be
breaks my heart.

goodnight my hetero heroin

work - 12 hours
tomorrow - new steps.
I remember when our days started
when we became one
the night when I was hiding in your arms
under your leatherjacket

at the concert
it was winter and it was cold 
but I couldn't feel it

just you,
only you

a lovely weekend

to work your ass off and afterwards meet a friend
after years of silence.
then fall into my mans arms and sleep the day away.
then work again
then some beers
then roadtrip up to the mountains
and beardy kisses.

blurryness from saturday night/sunday mornin'

There’s beauty in the silver singin’ river,
there’s beauty in the sunrise in the sky,
but none of these and nothing else can touch the beauty
that I remember in my true love’s eyes.

Bob Dylan
The thing about restaurants and bars
are the regulars. Like,
the people who comes everyday.
Where I work now, there's this old man who
comes every night to have one or two beers.
He just sits there, alone
and watches people passing by
and admiring how the moons reflection suits perfectly
with the ocean.
Today I met my beautiful friend Lisa
we walked through the streets of Benidorm
and accidentaly walked into Zara and I bought 
the awesome knitwear below.
Lisa is 8th month pregnant. 
In a month she's going to become
a mother to a babygirl. 
Since it happened, she has called me auntie Moa.
I'm going to be auntie Moa to baby Veronica.

I want to be your medicine and I want to feed the sparrow in your art. When I'm covered by the thunder I'll get rid of all the breath deep in our lungs, splayed the wind apart

more than words

oh, and I got a job.

it's your birthday, darling!

how I wish that I could be with you right now, 
i love you.