I'm back by the mediterranean sea.

Saturday morning me and my mother flew back to Spain.
When we sat on the plane, my mother looked at me and said;
Who would've thought that you would be going back.
I smiled.
The almost four hours journey passed and we were back
in Alfaz.
And then a few hours after that I took the bus to Benidorm,
the city that never sleeps
to surprise my man.

To just fall into his arms again,
it was one of the best feelings ever.



Rrrrrright then!

Two days ago I saw Flogging Molly in Gothenburg
and it was way awesome.
Not only the music, everyone's mood was so up,
up, up, up in the clouds.
I was with my sweets
and there was just so much love.

the comeback of the snowflake

Oh, have I forgot to mention
that I'm going back to Spain this weekend?
I'm so happy that I could cry
and I could cry cause I'm a bit sad
cause I'm gonna miss my heartbeats here,
and the best coast.

But I'll be back.


it hurts
when your heart is parted
in two parts.

lysekil till trollhättan till säffle. säffle till trollhättan till kumla. kumla till finspång.

My father had no idea that I was coming today,
so he got really surprised when I walked through the door.
His hair is more grey and his belly not so big.
My little Semla is fatter and so is Emblert.
It's quite cozy to be here again.


Yesterday was graduation, there was clouds
white dresses, red roses and champagne.
My man called and filled me up about Benidorm
oh, can't wait til' I get back
but first, in an hour me and Freds are leaving for her hometown
and tomorrow I might go with my littlebrother to
visit the old man in Finspång.
I'm not sure when I'll be back to the west coast.
Soon, probably.

jag är så kär att jag skulle kunna exploderas i små bitar, det skulle kunna likna fyrverkerier. blodiga, hjärtformade fyrverkerier.

heart shaped bruises

tuesday and the clouds has taken over the sky
after days of sun and chillin' in the park.
last weekend was filled of alcohol
bruises and scratches,
handsome students and Gothenburg.
on friday my babies are graduating
they're growing up.
and then, in maybe two weeks
I'm going back to Spain
cause I can't stand this distance.
It has been five weeks soon.
5 weeks.