there's a thunder in our hearts, baby

woke up by the thunder and the sweet rain outside my window.
the last couple of days i've closed my window everytime before I go to bed
cause the frikkin mosquitos will eat me up otherwise.
but my mother, she opens up the window when she get's up with the sun
she strikes me by the cheek, like she's always done.
when there's this kind of weather, i light up candles, listen to those
kind of tunes that warms you up like a blanket and
i think about the things that keep me going.
i have the best friends in the whole wide world
i have the best man in the whole wide world
i have the best family in the whole wide world

even though most of them are in other countries,
miles away
i always have them near.

they're my beats,
my roses,
my heart.

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