watched the movie below earlier,
it's actually that kind of movie i usually watch with my sister
cause it's one of those cute movies with cute actors.
and i usually don't really fall for these kind of movies, cause they're cheesy
but the title to this one
and the meaning,
it got to me.

lately i've just been waking up,
got up, made some coffee, drank some coffee.
have conversations with my mother,
take a shower, put on some clothes
to say good morning to D
talk, check facebook, paint a little, read a little
to say talk to you later to D,
go to work.
go home, have a shower, put on the pj:s
say good night to D
and then try to
fall asleep.

it's like someone's pressed the repeat button too hard
and now i'm just waiting for someone to press the play button.

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