it's a another end of an era.

2011 is soon another chapter in our life.
thinking back, it might most probably have been
one of the best years for me.
it started off with my 20th birthday, which I celebrated
two days in a row.
my sister was still around and we drank coffee pretty much
everyday at la plaza.
and not long after that, new feelings invaded
my body, my belly, my everything.
I fell in love,
and now almost a year later I still have these butterflies flying around.
Spring came and I woke up almost every morning with beardy kisses.
One of my closest friends got knocked up and has now a beautiful baby girl.
I also went back to the best coast, to see my sweeties graduate and to spend
days and nights wandering around the streets barefeet.
I went back to Spain, cause I realized that home is wherever your heart is.
got another temporarely job as a waitress, saved up money
spent some money, saved some money and spent some.
Went to Holand, and I loved it.
Went to Oslo, and I loved it.
Went to Sweden, and I loved it.
Went back to Spain, and I loved it.

and here I am now, barely three days away from the new year
and I have no idea what's coming.

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