two days, three days

on friday my mother and I will be goin back to Spain.
this last month I've had the time of my life.
first, from spain to holland with my love.
walks in the parks, cozy mornings and evenings on the sofa.
late mornings with alot of coffee, late evenings with alot of tea.
beer and bubblewine.
then, the spontanity took me to oslo, to my sister.
lattes, lattes, lattes.
wine, stores and trains.
astrid lindgren.
then, a bus took me to lysekil, my hometown.
heartbeats. my grandmother. my mother.
hurricanes and beers.
lattes, lattes, lattes.
dance, dance, dance.

so like I said, the time of my life
and on saturday I will feel complete again.

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  1. Come to Hamburg for lots of free Coffee Lattes :-) I'm having the time of my life as well, working in gastronomy again. Used to make some money as a bartender in London for a day or two a week, helping out at a friends place. Now I'm working full time and I'm asking myself why I haven't worked in the industry for so long. Are you still working as a waitress in Spain?