A lion's heart

I'd like to dedicate a few phrases to my grandma, who happens to be the best grandma in the world.
When I was little I thought she was a boy, since she had short hair it was obvious for me that she was a boy. She had these really big glasses aswell, the ones that are in fashion now. She has this great laugh, and whenever we became too silent she did something she calls a horsebite, she slaps us on our laps and then try to tickle us. We all feared those horsebites. She witnessed me gettin a knife into my forehead, all she remembers about it now was my mums white shirt turning into red.
I love hearing about when she was a kid. How she and her sisters transformed cones and sticks into animals and dolls. How her mother covered all the windows in black in case enemys would attack which thank goodness, they never did.
A man once saw her outside a café having a glass of wine, smoking. This man told her that she smoked beautifully, that she actually turned the smoke into art.
When she wakes up in the morning the first thing she does is to put on the radio. She loves the radio. Then she makes her coffee and sits there for a few hours. Then she goes back into bed to read. She loves books, but only criminal stuff, the other things bores her, she says. Or if the sun is shining she sits out on the balcony and admires the ocean. At night she has a glass of wine or two, watches the television for a little while and then she goes back into the kitchen, to her radio.
She tells me that she's actually never been in love. She's always said that the love she has and gets from her family, from us, is the best love she's ever experienced.
Her starsign is Leo. And that you can allready tell, cause she's so strong and has the biggest heart.

I just miss her and love her so much.

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