Dance like no one's watching

Life's been goin up and down.
But that's how it goes, you fall
and then you get up.

Remember what I wrote about my dream apartment?
Well, I'm close, real close.
I've found something simular, in the old town.
It's a massive antique door, I have stones in my living/bedroom, a teeny tiny bathroom
and a little patio with an orange tree. My views are the sea.
By the end of next week it will be mine, all mine. I'll have my own roof, my own walls.

I heard it's thanksgiving in America. You say what you are thankful for.
So I'm gonna be cheesy and do it, cause I wouldn't be gettin up after my falls without any of you.
First I want to thank my beautiful, sweet Karoline. Who took me in under her roof til I could find my own. Who's been there for me during all these 12 years.
I want to thank my man, my better half and his family that I can call my own. I was lost before I met you.
My mother, my father, my sisters & brothers. My heartbeats up north.

Thank you.

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  1. That's moved me. Thank you Moa, you are always welcome!