The dreamer

Almost two weeks ago I packed my bags and landed in my sweet friends arms.
I felt a new era coming and I know just the haircut for it. And the apartment.
Oh the apartment that I have dreamt about for years, the ones with corners that aren't filled with fights or broken hearts, only dust.
There would be a big window, and underneath a bench where I can sit and smoke while I drink my coffee in the morning and my wine in the evening. I would have clothes hangin everywhere but the wardrobe. I was thinking of turning my wardrobe into a bar, where I can learn how to make the finest cocktails that would make me the finest bartender.
A bed that would be suitable for two, with many pillows. My man sure does like pillows, I sure as hell cant keep them in bed.
I would love some plants. Grow my own cherry tomatoes, ruccula and strawberries. First I'll have to learn not to kill them. An LP player next to the bed, my postcard collection on my walls. An oven where I could bake, make, create foccacia, baguettes and chocolate cake.

For now it might be too much to ask, since I'm for now a waitress that earns not even a cigarette pack an hour. But I'll get there.

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  1. Do it. This is great stuff Moa. You could fill a book like this. I'd read it.